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    Tank me to the moon



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    Tank me to the moon

    Post  Dreyious on Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:26 pm

    Dreyious here.
    (Pro/Fur) Warrior

    My passion for tanking has motivated me to write what I know about warrior tanks and tanking skills in general. My goal is to inform other players how I tank and see their rotations as well.

    Warrior tanks, thou possible to be off-tanks, are groomed toward single target threat generation.

    Rather than a regular rotation seen in dps, my rotation is based around priority.
    Shield Slam dishes out a massive amount of threat. So as soon as its ready I hit it. Using sword and board cuts down its cooldown time, so take that into account when setting up your rotation. Priority for me is followed by: Revenge, Concussion Blow, and then Devastate.

    However, take into account that devastate helps out melee dps. So if you have aggro, stack sunder. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

    More Later, please comment

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