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    wut up homies


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    wut up homies

    Post  nautilus on Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:59 pm

    yo dudes, hope yer all well and enjoying yourselves in azeroth.

    while i stopped playing wow (for the time being), i am still totally obsessed. in an attempt to 'get my fix' so to speak, i threw together a short pvp vid of a few fraps clips from my last week or so of the warcrack.

    i am pretty garbage at pvp.

    i am pretty garbage at sony vegas. i know like one transition lol.

    not positive, but pretty sure that my opponents were not pvp geared/specd at the time.

    so with that in mind, enjoy! watch that shit in HD.


    if nothing else, you can check out my sexeh ui.



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