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    Application Template


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    Application Template

    Post  Nate on Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:12 pm

    *********A few notes about Dark Society:
    • Serious applicants only please. We are a small guild and only raid 3 days a week. It is imperative that you be able to make 90% of our raids. If you feel there is any chance you cannot meet these requirements, then save everyone the time and wait and apply when you are able to.
    • People with poor attitudes will not be tolerated.
    • You must be open to criticism and willing to change the way you play if needed.
    • DS is a small guild based on trust. You earn your loot through trust. In order to earn your fit within the guild, above all else you must be dependable and a decent person.
    • We do not use DKP.
    • We only raid 3 days a week. Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. From 9pm server until midnight or sometimes further, depending on the situation.

    How to apply:
    1. Apply by answering the questions below in a post on this board.
    2. Your application then either gets accepted or rejected from the guild.
    3. If your application gets accepted, your character is invited to the guild as an recruit.
    4. Your application period lasts between 1 and 2 weeks. During this time you will not be able to beat out real guild members for loot unless no other person on the raid needs the item.

    To apply, Title the post with your characters name, level, race, and class. Copy and paste the questions below and answer them.

    Here are the questions that need to be answered in your application:

    Your main character's name:

    Link your main characters WoW armory page:

    List your alt character names (for in-game contact purposes):

    Your Name:
    Your Age:
    Your Gender:
    Your Time Zone:

    What is your raid availability?:

    Do you have a mic and ventrilo?

    Our raid schedule is as follows: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday for Ulduar.
    Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday open for regular guild raids (ie: Naxx).
    Monday is the wild card day.
    Are you available for that?

    We fight in Naxxaramas, EoE, and OS, and Ulduar. Are you familiar with?

    Please list your past raiding experience/roles:

    Please list your past guilds, and also reasons for leaving, if applicable:

    Why do you want to join DS? As a member, what are your most valuable assets to help the guild progress?:

    Do you have a flying mount? Epic or non?:

    Do you know anyone in the guild?:

    Can you handle criticism and occasional verbal abuse when you screw up during a raid?:

    Finally, list any important details about you or your character you feel we should know, such as time played, how elite you are at WoW, mental disorders, etc.:


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