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    Blackwidow, 66, UD, Mage for future consideration



    Blackwidow, 66, UD, Mage for future consideration

    Post  Blackwid on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:31 am

    Your main character's name:Blackwidow

    Link your main characters WoW armory page:URL's Don't show up in Preview. Tried just copy and paste and using the link button.

    List your alt character names (for in-game contact purposes):

    Your Name:Buster <----Not my real name, But works
    Your Age:46 <----Is my true age.
    Your Gender:Male
    Your Time Zone:Central

    What is your raid availability?:

    Do you have a mic and ventrilo?

    We raid 3 days a week, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights starting at 7pm and ending around midnight. Are you available for that?: Yes

    We fight in Naxxaramas, EoE, and OS, and Ulduar. Are you familiar with?
    Naxx, OS

    Please list your past raiding experience/roles:
    Warrior - DPS and Light Tanking
    Mage - Just leveling Instances, CC and Bailouts (saving the raid)
    With being a Warrior, you learn to scan the battles and how to pickup/OT to save healers etc. Goes for Add's etc.

    Please list your past guilds, and also reasons for leaving, if applicable:
    Kalecgos - NEMESIS, Illuminati, Momentum, Ante Mortem
    TFC - Riderz of the Storm, Raiderz of the Storm

    Why do you want to join DS? As a member, what are your most valuable assets to help the guild progress?:

    Looking to raid with this mage. Spent most of BC PvP'ing, so Raiding is now in my blood. Minimal Raiding with Warrior in Wrath, Guild Fizzled recently so I decided to level the mage. Should've done that about 3 years ago.

    I pay attention, Not much BS'in in Vent or Raid Chat. Not that you can't have fun, just some raids get distracted with it. Short learning curve. Except for the Dance. haha Usually don't catch me making the same mistake twice.

    I won the Mtn Dew Keyboard if that helps!

    Do you have a flying mount? Epic or non?:
    I will at 70 or if the patch that just downloaded comes with it first.

    Do you know anyone in the guild?:
    No, just saw Trade Chat Info

    Can you handle criticism and occasional verbal abuse when you screw up during a raid?:
    No, I'm an Emo Sissy. j/k Yeah, been around a lot. Have patience and want to learn if I'm not familiar. So, coaching is not a problem for me.

    Finally, list any important details about you or your character you feel we should know, such as time played, how elite you are at WoW, mental disorders, etc.:
    I have a tick so bad, my toon has picked it up and we've basically morphed into each other. I still wet the bed.

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