A WoW based guild on The Forgotten Coast server.

    *****Application Breakdown*****

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    *****Application Breakdown*****

    Post  Crudelis on Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:04 pm

    So this is how the recruitment works:

    1 - Either apply online or get an invite from an officer online.

    2 - Fill out the
    Application Form online.

    3* - Sifrei, or any other Captain rank, will review the form.

    4 - An online "chat" will happen between the applicant and Captain.

    5 - The applicants performance (which covers, but is not limited to, attendance, raid participation, attitude,
    maturity, and guild trust) will be monitored for at least a week before acceptance to Member is awarded.

    *NOTE* Sifrei MUST be informed about any reviews, promos to Member, or any additions/changes regarding guild recruitment!!! If Sif is not available, Myself, Vis, or any other CAPTAIN will be notified and then they will notify Sif.

    Any questions related to this can be directed to Sifrei or myself.


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