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    80 druid looking to join



    80 druid looking to join

    Post  app on Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:10 am

    Your main character's name:

    Link your main characters WoW armory page:

    List your alt character names (for in-game contact purposes):qqlater

    Your Name:vinny
    Your Age:22
    Your Gender:m
    Your Time Zone:east

    What is your raid availability?:sat/mon/tues.anytime before 6 p.m the rest of the week

    Do you have a mic and ventrilo?yes to both

    We raid 3 days a week, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights starting at 7pm and ending around midnight. Are you available for that?:hmmmm

    We fight in Naxxaramas, EoE, and OS, and Ulduar. Are you familiar with?oldschool naxx yes..

    Please list your past raiding experience/roles:WoW/tbc.ubrs,oni,naxx,bt,hyjal,sunwell..etc..

    Please list your past guilds, and also reasons for leaving, if applicable:we broke up and i switched here

    Why do you want to join DS? As a member, what are your most valuable assets to help the guild progress?:great healer,i LISTEN..

    Do you have a flying mount? Epic or non?:non getting the epic soon

    Do you know anyone in the guild?:yes troubu real life friend.

    Can you handle criticism and occasional verbal abuse when you screw up during a raid?:
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    Re: 80 druid looking to join

    Post  Crudelis on Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:03 pm

    It would help if you put your character's name on the application form.


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