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    Tournament Instances and Raids

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    Tournament Instances and Raids

    Post  Crudelis on Wed Aug 05, 2009 12:00 pm

    The long-awaited new raids are here! We got a chance to check out the 10 man raid yesterday and found it to be quite difficult. The normal and heroic 5 man was fun and relatively easy to wrap your head around. Good loot as well (in heroic). This is a great place to get geared up. We MUST have conquest gear to actually raid the 10/25 man raids - no exceptions. So, that being said, grind the SHIT out of heroics and get your welfare conquest gear. Too easy! Then, supplement the conquest badges and finish off your epics using valorous trade-ins.

    Blizz has made this super easy for everyone to get their PVE gear (even pvp). So don't take it for granted. Once I feel we have enough gear, then we will most definitely raid the 10/25 man runs. Keep grinding!


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