A WoW based guild on The Forgotten Coast server.

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    Foxstrike 79 Orc Shaman

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    Your main character's name:Foxstrike

    Link your main characters WoW armory page:http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=The+Forgotten+Coast&n=Foxstrike

    List your alt character names (for in-game contact purposes): None

    Your Name: Harry
    Your Age: 35
    Your Gender: Male
    Your Time Zone: Eastern

    What is your raid availability?: 5PM -1030PM

    Do you have a mic and ventrilo? Yes

    We raid 3 days a week, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights starting at 7pm and ending around midnight. Are you available for that?:
    Most of the time I am

    We fight in Naxxaramas, EoE, and OS, and Ulduar. Are you familiar with?

    Please list your past raiding experience/roles:

    Please list your past guilds, and also reasons for leaving, if applicable:
    Creatures of the Horde, but that was a mistake because i hit the accept button by accident, lol, neverhtless there was no structure or organization and I left

    Why do you want to join DS? As a member, what are your most valuable assets to help the guild progress?: I want to join DS because I am a team player, I'd like to experience end raid content just like everyone else

    Do you have a flying mount? Epic or non?: Epic

    Do you know anyone in the guild?:
    No, but I hope to change that, Smile

    Can you handle criticism and occasional verbal abuse when you screw up during a raid?: definitely, thats what makes you better

    Finally, list any important details about you or your character you feel we should know, such as time played, how elite you are at WoW, mental disorders, etc.: I have played WOW since it came out and I had not played the game for a a few months since the expansion came out, but the past couple of months I have really gotten into my character and having fun again. I am an easygoing person, always willing to help if asked and really looking foward to contributing

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