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    INITIATES READ!!!! Naxx 10 Run

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    INITIATES READ!!!! Naxx 10 Run

    Post  Crudelis on Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:49 pm

    I will be running a Naxx 10 raid for the initiates ONLY, and, if necessary, potential raid leaders. I will be doing member status recommendations from this run, so be prepared to do your best. The more you stand out, the more I will take notice. This will be a fun raid with comical relief (I hope :p), but keep your concentration sharp.

    For the ppl who have not been to Naxx: it's all good. No need for experience. I will explain as we go.

    I will disperse loot based on fairness, due to you all being initiates.


    1 - I will let slide SOME gear below item lvl 200. My rule is that to EARN the right to raid with DS you have to put in the effort to at least get your heroic gear! Nuff said.

    2 - Be prepared for the raid (repairs, flasks, equipment).

    3 - Be in vent, Raid 10 #1 channel!!! I don't care if you don't have a mic (though it would be good to hear you ppl).

    4 - Be online 20-30 minutes prior to raid start time.

    5 - Get your UI's (add-ons). Click
    HERE if you need some.

    4 - Finally, bring bacon.

    I will start this run THURSDAY, July 23 at 730pm server time. See you online.


    PS. This may be preceded/followed by a VOA and/or OS 10. Be prepared.

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